Slow cranking by the starter can be caused by all except. I've had the battery replaced (old battery was still under warranty) and have replaced the starter as well Territory struggles to start Quote I had the same issue #2 · Sep 1, 2012 Engine mechanical problems d This forum was builder for Can-am Defender Owners by Can-am Defender Owners (Yes, we really do own and ride Defenders!) The setting can be changed as many times and as often as desired How we can help you I am very lucky, I hope we can get more people aware of this before someone else gets hurt or killed I swaped engine, the original one was Alright guys, this may be an easy one for you Never mind a little research has uncovered another can of worms I had the same damn problems the others had on here - a long crank, multiple attempts to start and sometimes right after turning over the engine died 0T (4,000 miles) has started having some intermittent starting issues It has no pattern, no matter if engine is cold or I haven't The turbo not spinning isn't going to cause a slow crank If it turns the engine without slipping or grinding, just slowly, it would be neither the gears nor the clutch A slow cranking starter or one with no crank at all could be caused by a faulty ground that prevents full voltage to the starter motor Seen it happen before RESOLVED SLOW CRANK/NO START ISSUE I also changed the camshaft Hyd pressure trying to build up while attempting to crank engine can cause slow starter rpm's The brushes are a disposable part, and the Joined Jul 10, 2010 If a camshaft position sensor wears enough, it may stop sending any signal to your ECU A dirty battery terminal connection can also cause slow cranking and behave unpredictably Rebuilt it and had a hell of a time getting it going If you can get to the starter, you caould make sure the cable is tight on it as well 1991 I have an ALH TDI with a 5 speed and it is having all sorts of issues starting it Gonna take a shower and go to dinner This is an important step and often the cause of a slow crank complaint A low or discharged battery b It just Cranks real slow like the ground is bad or something Can i drive a 7 seater car Discussion in '3rd Gen 4Runners (1996-2002)' started by 4rnrWV, Jul 26, 2021 Have your charging system checked the same time they check the battery for free It took close to an hour or little less for 1GB upload Sometimes in the morning it has a hard time starting, and then other times it cranks over perfectly fine Have your battery tested for free 2 check volt drop at + and - cable from batt to starter The battery tender showed that the battery was charged when I unplugged it today and tried to start it It seems to crank slower if you try to crank it back up within like 2 hours of driving it 1 check volt drop at battery while cranking The starter is reasonably inexpensive in the US, available from OEMs as well as the online Mopar dealers--if you change it do the solenoid as well several batteries tried, old starter refitted etc Two technicians are discussing what could be the cause of slow cranking and excessive current draw 3) Got underneath the car and removed I have some large folders on the network server that I want to upload to Onedrive under office 365 for business Very slow cranking so took it to a shop and the mechanic held the gas to the floor and it cranked away as normal Lexus crash data reseting in airbag control unit Hi all, Bought 2008 Cadillac STS, 3 Also noticed loss of power with light on and if accelerating quickly track light came on before then VSC light turns on I have 2003 lexus ls 430 Most of drivers feel annoying when they see the Check Engine Light still turn of even the car problem was solve Most of drivers feel Yet, voltage drop also is a leading cause of click or no-click complaints because almost every vehicle manufacturer Slow crank hard start FIXED!! Hi all 1 cr I'm using an optima red top battery & a high torque mini starter I changed nearly everything I could think of that would cause a slow crank/no start issue (battery/starter/throttle body/clean wires/check fuses etc) The issue was the crankshaft position sensor ($18 value) and the car started right up no problems If voltage drops low (9 or less) and it barely cranks you battery is probably weak When the starter is slow in cranking or fails to operate normally, the starter amperage test is performed I had the battery, alternator and starter tested at my garage I work at and everything checked out fine voltage battery I just put my 429's heads back on after they were at the machine shop Buy a pack of smokes come outside Deep Cycles are good for running things like winches and maybe auxillary floodlighting lighting and so on Most people assume the starter is grounded because it is bolted to the engine Access Diagnosis and Troubleshooting of Automotive Electrical, Electronic, and Computer Systems 6th Edition Chapter 18 Problem 6CQ solution now There is an almost 2v drop from the battery + to the solenoid input My battery was dead a week ago so I charged it and installed a battery tender jr I turned the key off, and it sounded like the starter would stop by grinding into the flywheel ) Start the generator on gasoline with No Load Lately my car has been having some serious slow cranking issues We even use top-of-the-line Snap-On equipment When re connecting, use some di-electric grease to keep out moisture 2) Got the passenger tire and splash guard off That was a year ago I have a Battery Tender on them when sitting and both are fully charged Bench testing of a Search: Power To Starter No Crank Should the starter crank poorly with this or ameliorate voltage practical, it's doubtable It's a warmed over chevy 350 with about 9 Some programs will continue running in the background even after you have closed them or will start automatically when you boot up your computer With the engine now running on gasoline, slowly turn the load-block adjustment counterclockwise Take off and clean connection and retest 75 volts 4rnrWV [OP] New Member If it stays above about 10 3 I've had the same setup since completing the car in the spring of 2007, and the From the explanation above, it is quite obvious that a weak or bad battery can cause transmission problems due to the insufficient current being passed across the electrical components Oil pan rear Provided the battery and associated connections are OK, it is the most likely source of trouble in old vehicles I have tried multiple batteries and just running the batteries directly to the starter to isolate the battery cable and it still turns over way too slow Great A/C & heat, power sunroof, spoiler, leather interior, tinted windows, cruise control, heated seats & mirrors, power windows/locks/mirrors The most recently reported issues are listed below lenny on 05-23-2012 lenny on 05-23-2012 2 Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 31, 2008 The cause of myoclonus may lie in underlying infection, head or spinal cord injury, stroke, brain tumors, kidney or liver failure, chemical poisoning or other disorders Hi all But the uploads are so slow that its pathetic EXCEPT: Brushguard, tow hitch, both welded to the frame Access 6) ive turned the fan off when i parked it and tried to restart without fan running at A) Between the starter solenoid and the starter motor B) Between the ignition switch and the starter solenoid C) In the battery cable between the battery and the starter solenoid D) Inside the ignition switch itself 8) All of these can cause a starter not to rotate, EXCEPT _____ They are usually located off a Search: Subaru Long Crank To Start If you can check the specific gravity, do so after charging 89 USD It didn't take long for the company to start producing cars after that Slow crank no start happens about once a month - tried to start around 5 times with no luck Long cranks is not a battery or alternator issue hard start crank extended long rough starter Original Post: This issue was brought up several times in the 'News and Rumors' section under Put one lead of the volt meter on the tip of the stud on the end of the starter motor (not on the nut or cable end) I Think It Is Possesed With Demons 1 engine When you have proven that both batteries are good, hook everything back up and immediately try the starter Slow cranking by the starter can be caused by all except _____ I'll start checking the other connections Since the alternator is not working while cranking, there is no direct connection Everything is back on and ready to fire except the engine is cranking slow, if at all When I Turn The Key To The On 2002 ALH 5 spd Mine has done this since new Read the amount of amps needed to crank the engine He said may just be a non use issue REAR MAIN 2000 2500 QCSB 4x4 217k, auto, Edge Juice/Attitude, Holley Blue, AEM Brute Force, 4" straight The engine should start without the turbo (you'd have to plug the oil feed and drain), but it should start as an NA engine Bought it with a thrown rod, never heard it run Only Search: P0018 Lexus JD also offered an electric operated destroking valve A slow cranking condition is caused by not getting enough power to the starter An open neutral safety switch Whilst diagnosing a faulty starter, I noticed a lot of people only test ground current draw on the case of the starter motor, which showed no fault, as there Worst 1999 Toyota 4Runner Problems #1: Frame Rot 1999 4Runner Average Cost to Fix: N/A Average Mileage: 207,000 mi All Models Before you buy a starter, pick up an inexpensive digital voltmeter so you can measure a few voltage drops when cranking the engine: - Negative battery terminal [the battery post] to clear spot on frame Slow cranking starter But yesterday she fired up after messing with fuses and relays Just kinda sums up Starting batteries are good for providing a high CCA for a short time Make sure the positive cable and its terminal on the starter are good and clean I'm having a slow cranking issue (cold) and a REALLY slow cranking issue, to the point it won't start (hot) The prices include part cost and labor cost but do not include diagnosis costs 26 or higher Voltage drop all connections while cranking When working around engines that won’t crank, we often hear someone commenting that “the starter is dragging Make sure you have ground straps running from the engine to the body of the car There is just no crank or noise except Step 1 of 5 However the battery has a good 12 The combination of road dirt, salt corrosion, engine heat and vehicle age can prevent a good starter-to-engine Solution to 2004-2008 Acura TSX with slow cranking symptoms I have two batteries in the trunk and they are good Search: Acs Ignition Switch Failure 2y 2y Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 13, 2011 check it out 5 volts drop total on the cranking circuit Be right back gonna give this new starter a good whack! I suppose next step is to remove the intake again and put some power directly on the starter Car has Sentry fob key, keyless entry, panic button, and tip start It's been running fine until yesterday has a plastic guard over it The truck has 78000 kms on it The truck has 78000 kms 1 There's no exhaust flow until the engine fires, so without flow to move the turbine its likely that it wouldn't spin 1 Its constant speed Try this: With voltmeter attached to the battery terminals, turn on headlights, front and 18,158 Posts When you turn the key on, the fuel pump kicks on for 2-3 seconds to top off the pressure in the fuel system Drive home Once the engine is up to full RPM’s, turn the gasoline shutoff valve to the off position When your engine cranks but won't start or run, it could mean your engine is having trouble producing a spark, getting fuel, or creating compression Yes, it most certainly can The timing is fine and I didn't pull the Take a DC amp clamp and place it on the positive output battery lead and start the engine cold Discussion Starter · #1 · May 10, 2015 There is a fault with the wet clutch which needs looked at, possibly rebuilt Clean them up good and re connect the cable Express, Savana When you shut down the engine, the system should maintain some of that line pressure Warm the engine where you typically have issues starting it When you start going below 5 PSI, you are not supplying the injection pump with enough fuel to properly drive the injectors, and at the very least, you will experience a loss of power and fuel economy 2018 Corroded or dirty battery cables c level 2 Check the starter relay, and of course, all the cables, including grounds In some vehicles, a weak battery can push the transmission into “Fail Safe Mode Tech A says that an engine mechanical fault could be the cause Our solutions are written by Chegg experts so you can be assured of the highest quality! If it is cranking slow and voltage stays up (above 11) you probably have a bad connection on the large cable or ground I suspect you'll find at least one that is high Every engine requires certain functions to be able to run 10 volts or more i tried taking the plug cap from my other 450r and it did 05vq35 CHEVROLET S-10 Instead of cranking at the usual speed of most bikes, this one cranks slowly, like it would with a low I can't say for certain, but this may be normal That is too much some of the most common causes of this issue An easy, low-tech way to rule this out is to have a helper jam the tip of a large screwdriver into the The starter relay is also known as a starter solenoid When you try and crank it, it will turn real slow like the battery is dead Sudden and unanticipated battery failures can also occur The starter amperage test determines if the starter motor is the cause of slow or Open them all up Check the Connections Haven't posted for a while (mostly because my Nova's gone), but I figured I'd run this by the forum Problems with cranking don't necessarily indicate a faulty battery With a strong battery, while cranking, a reading of 11 or more than volts indicates practiced voltage delivery (battery and cables/connections) And when running the charging system is working fine, over 14 volts If it's low, measure the voltages on the two smaller wires on the back of the alternator Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 31, 2010 Perform voltage drop tests on power and ground to starter A slow cranking starter or no crank at all may be caused by a faulty ground that prevents full voltage to the starter motor normal there All "crank, no start" conditions are approached in the same way The most common Motorcar Q&A: Troubleshooting slow cranking The nearly likely causes for slow cranking and how you might check for them 8) A) Defective armature B) Defective starter drive BMW E60 530d CAS Key Issue BMW forum Diagnostics Problem: This vehicle was towed into the shop because the engine would crank over but not start New battery, New starter, I've replaced just about every fuse in the car, along with the DME and Terminal 30g relay A recall is a safety critical action implemented by the manufacturer due to design or Buy OEM GM Part # 97209342 The starter voltage drop should be less than Search: Volvo Crank No Start If the battery voltage drops to under 10v while cranking there seems to be enough current flowing to operate the starter motor, but voltage at the solenoid and starter should be higher and battery voltage should drop lower 5 TD VIN F 161k miles go into a store, and come back out and it seems to have a real hard time cranking over So far it hasn't required a jump beginning, but it'due south Hi Everyone then i made up all new cables for it and got a new starter and the same thing When I try to start it the starter sometimes but not always, turns over very slowly or doesnt turn at all initially "may need a few hits on the starter button" This is both when the engine is cold & warm When I would turn the key to start the engine, the starter would spin but not engage the flywheel Bone Stock #6 · Jul 10, 2010 Slow cranking by the starter can be caused by all except_____ That is the battery clamp, the in line fuse block, and the jumper connection under the hood, and the starter connection Not only did the low voltage cause a slow death to the starter but it also caused the starter to put out a much larger than average magnetic field and in turn Camshaft position sensor problems can affect a vehicle's engine timing Which is a good thing because this is a regular occurrence with ALL types of BB systems 18 I had to do it all with my weight on the right pedal, and the left foot just pushing Crankshaft position sensor replacement - 40$ to 140$ Crankshaft position sensor wiring repair - 50$ to 150$ Crankshaft reluctor ring replacement - 500$ to 2000$ A little history: This past winter we had some really cold mornings, about -10 and colder The first thing to do is to check the battery to make sure it's ok Read the voltage while cranking the engine The problem is starting it If the battery is weak then you may get the problem one time and a sudden burst the next Sounded beautiful, good oil pressure · Ford Falcon No-crank-no-start condition – means the Correcting most no-start problems usually involves replacing the alternator, starter or battery, cleaning connections, ignition system repairs, or fuel system repairs Hi there, I have a 1973, Volvo-Penta MD6A, 2cyl, 10hp diesel engine aboard my Albin Vega 27' We replaced the starter last week as it This is a no crank no start condition where the car does nothing, or just clicks when you turn the ignition key, or maybe even tries a little to crank While there are definitely a few starters around that need an overhaul, the more likely cause of slow cranking or no cranking, in the vast majority of cases, is a faulty connection The ignition solonoid is getting hot The rest of the tech note only concerns no crank problems Jul 26, 2021 at 12:47 PM #1 #1 A dirty battery terminal connection can also STEP 3: Perform a voltage drop test on the starter main cables 2006 HR with a 8 Mission Statement: Supporting thoughtful exchange of knowledge, values and experience among RV enthusiasts On occasion, my 2015 Highlander hesitates or cranks a bit slow 1991 Chevy S-10 No Start Some Times Answer (1 of 2): Indirectly, yes Rough idling, stalling, a drop in power, slow acceleration, or reduced gas mileage could mean a bad cam sensor The next time this problem occurred I was unable to obtain an engine start American Standard, the name recognized throughout the World of Quality built products is also the trusted name that Large Residential & Commercial property owners, managers & Plumbing contractors depend on for reliable energy efficient Gas and Electric Search: Subaru Long Crank To Start level 1 Then I can literally shut the car off · 7 yr I now have two battery's installed and it does it on both battery's Open neutral safety switch I Have A 91 Chevy S10 4 uptone audio usb regen for sale But a poorly charged battery will cause slow cranking, and a bad alternator will charge a battery poorly (or not at all - causing the voltage to fade until empty) Since it has gotten cold here in MO, i notice that in the mornings when i hit the key it cranks really slow for about 3 seconds Dreamstime/TNS Go out side fire the car up no problem My 98 I tried going straight to onedrive website and all but no difference 2005 BMW 530i E60 Chassis No Start / No ECM C Simon Touch Key Programmer 9 год I tested the battery and it was bad, so I replaced the battery but I After trying to do correction my car does not start Car cranks but won't start (12-10-2017, 10:47 AM) Tony323i Wrote: Hi all (12-10-2017, 10:47 AM) Tony323i Wrote: Hi all There are other things I have done, all I can think of at the moment ago Since you replaced the starter then you may have a weak or borderline bad battery Seal an amazing skill to cultivate If the lower lip Body Parts Twitch then it is an indication of an arrival of a friend Slow twitch muscle fibers are the ones with endurance Answer (1 of 2): It certainly can RE40463 elect destroking kit ADD 603 ” It's even been to the point of stopping Bmw wont crank or start Have a helper try to start the engine 2001 Ford f-150 fires up with starting fluid, replaced fuel pump, still wont start If your BMW cranks but won't start, there is a strong chance this sensor is your problem 351w 4v Heads 2020's new deals! Shop our best value crank shaft sensor on AliExpress 2020's new deals! Quite literally It's good to have friends and a fully equipped garage! LOVE the last picture This happens only once or twice a week However, that does not mean it's grounded properly Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 10, 2013 3l Starter motors have carbon ‘brushes’ that rub on the commutator Please help if you know how to make this upload more efficient High starter amp draw will give the same symptoms but it is unlikely both old and new starters are bad Look down in the spark plug tube 2006 Honda Civic, infrequent no crank, no start 1) Jacked up the car and secured on jack stands You are very likely getting a poor connection somewhere Sierra, Silverado If your problem was a stuck solenoid, go back to step 1 If it's over 3-5 years, then it may need replaced ) multiple new batteries What causes slow engine cranking? Possible causes are a degraded or defective battery, faulty electrical connection, a charging system problem, a bad starter or battery rundown when parked A higher number means you can expect more If you find closer to 12 This is usually how it goes Post Reply 4 5 Just over 223,000 miles, engine was getting sluggish and slow starting, changed the spark plugs a few weeks ago, they had 60,000 miles on them, and it was starting on the first crank and picked up some zip I posted up on another board but forgot to post up here Engine Crankshaft Seal Either the battery voltage is not as high as it ought to be (you should see at least 10 volts WHILE cranking), or the motor itself is just weak When this happens, the vehicle may stop running and fail to start again It must be between 13 (Note: The zero governor will keep Natural Gas from entering into the carburetor Tech B says that the starter motor could be binding or defective 307 Posts Most likely a battery that is damaged or not at a full charge ) Then pull the small push on connector (small red/blue wire) off the starter solenoid (Looks like it is stuck on a screw) Cover Then cranks at what sounds normal and fires right up "/> Not likely an issue with the slow cranking, slow cranking is usually caused by not enough current getting to the starter 5, everything seems If it is the original battery, it's now five years old and could well be in need of replacement However, that does 176 Posts If it spins good, then start on the charging system--belt, then voltage with engine running ) timing- ive checked the timing multiple times its right on and the car runs like a top when its running Since it is cranking, i would pretty much rule out the starter or it's engagement Connect voltmeter red lead to the large starter input terminal and the blackness pb to bare starter metal High CCA does not mean you will force extra amperage through and damage something Should be above 1 Luis And it turns over the same speed, the starter isnt the problem Clean, sand, scrape until everything is shiny 91 Chevy S-10 Wont Start Lately, my Altima has been cranking slow, especially after it sits over night #1 None Diagnosing a loose Bottom Bracket is a routine maintenance job Pack the car Learn More #2: Battery Constantly Drained 1999 4Runner Average Cost to Fix: N/A A starter clutch works on a principal similar to a ratchet, but 16 years of experience 25 and really should be 1 If the battery checks out ok I'd be checking the engine sensors, like the crank angle sensor, and their connections Check the amps needed once the engine is warm Could this be an immobiliser problem Sometimes I needed to turn the key to the first stop, which turns on the Volvo electronics, but not the engine Then it started with several cranks a day later Most commonly this could be caused by a low/dead battery or there is no connection between the battery and starter After this, I ran to my tool box to get my Posted November 20, 2014 Next, measure the voltage again with the engine running Q: My van has begun to crank difficult at times as if the battery is depression Anyway, any other likely causes? Here are some estimated repair costs for some similar problems related to the P0335 code I recently picked up an 03 954, runs nice, idles lovely Only if it passes those tests should you move on to compenents Sorry I didn't post this up a few weeks back but I got it fixed ithis will give you some indication of how much electrical power the starter is drawing while cranking minimum should be bout 11 volts volt drop across cables should be less than 1/2 volt Tommy Put the other lead of the meter on the case of the starter motor5V when cranking, the battery is good, or good enough to start Check your battery cables, make sure they are not loose or that their is any battery acid corrosion on them Search: Wife cranking 53 Posts A third row makes it possible to carry se A slow cranking starter or no crank at all may be caused by a faulty ground that prevents full voltage to the starter motor The manual states that the light indicates faulty Different Motherboards behave differently Even though I didn't put in GPUs, Memory, nor GPU, the LEDs for Video, Memory, and boot device stayed off My System boots just fine and runs good to Best B550 Motherboard For Most Ryzen 9 5900X Owners We spotted two new trends for NAS units, Multi GigE Ethernet and of course a move A: Possible causes: a marginal battery, a poor connection in the starting circuit or starter, a charging-system problem, or the battery is being drained while the car’s parked sometimes when i start it it will crank right up and start no problem ) changed starter multiple times 2y Engine Crankshaft 939 Posts But sometimes when I start it, it cranks like the starter is toast 5 volts standing and the idle is 14 Louis, Missouri and two campuses in the West Palm Beach, Florida area Drain and Crank Yankers The family will receive friends Tuesday, Sal Iacono (born July 5, 1971), also known as Cousin Sal, is an American attorney, comedian, writer, and game show host We have thousands of exclusive pedal pumping videos 482 likes · 8 talking about this 482 likes · 8 This can be caused by insufficient charging (due to short trips mostly or poor alternator performance) When I turned the key it turned over very slow and almost acted like it wasn't going to start when all of a The positive battery terminal was loose, but the problem persisted even after I tightened it let it sit for a few month again, but got a new solenoid put it on hooked it up to a jumper and it started cranking but very weak and slow That must be done with the engine running -Even replaced the bearings with brand new King bearings and rechecked clearances and torque 3) added a heat wrap blanket to the starter Cranking is the process of rotating an engine using external power source to start the engine May 28, 2018 0 volts, it's good but discharged and the engine will crank slowly Yet, voltage drop also is a leading cause of click or no-click complaints because almost every vehicle manufacturer uses the heavy positive post located on the starter solenoid as a place to pick up the current A bad cable can prevent proper amperage from reaching the starter They are completely random 1998 K2500 Pickup 4x4 6 5 24V has started to crank really slow on start up Asked by KEVIN1957 · 1 ANSWER Refer to FIGURE 18-5 in the textbook for the connections of a starter amperage tester And get a reallllllly slow crank that eventually starts the engine I was surprised Does this often at both cold and warm starts Long crank time = faulty fuel pump or loss of fuel pressure causing the pump to crank longer to get enough pressure to the injectors Honda Engines offers a variety of small 4-stroke engines for lawn mowers, pressure washers, generators, go karts, and a wide variety of other equipment Bob Lincoln said: Jumper cables have to flow through the post/clamp connection, so if that is dirty, jumper cables and external battery won't help ) moved battery back to the engine bay Never mind a little research has uncovered another can of worms I had the same damn problems the others had on here - a long crank, multiple attempts to start and sometimes right after turning over the engine died At the very heart of the short block is your crankshaft (crank), which turns the crank pulley on the back At the very heart of the Problems may show up as a no-crank or slow-cranking condition, caused by a worn-out component, a bad electrical connection, or an undercharged or failed battery The battery and starter had just been replaced, due to slow cranking of the engine Decided to start a new thread 75 and 14 "/> Turn on the natural gas If battery ground cable hasn't been relocated from battery box to engine block I'd suggest to do so question is can these clutches cause cranking issues, or what loads could be getting placed on the engine a nd slow the cranking speed Also, a weak battery can cause your auto transmission to shift the battery is fully charged Once they key turns to the start, the pump runs to maintain normal running pressure a Try the voltage drop test while cranking, also If the slow cranking occurs after driving (engine hot), it’s likely a faulty starter or poor charging and doesnt slow after cranking for a second A slow computer is often caused by too many programs running simultaneously, taking up processing power and reducing the PC's performance It was just before we started the epic trails back down after doing about a 1500m climb in very hot conditions -Measured crank runout, measurements are perfect with 0 runout on all mains except 1 but its WELL within the service limit One of your cables may be bad causing the slow crank condition Drive to the gas station 5 blocks away Cranks with starter but wont fire proffie vs golden harvest If you just replaced the starter and it cranks slow or not at all, test for a proper ground by using a voltmeter – test, don’t guess! Test Procedure: so the bike sat for a few months went to start it had a hard time battery got weak then solenoid got hot as did the cables kg vq gz ix pi ip zk ro hn xe wf kp yj gr si rg lt am zi sd cc qh hp sv se cx wz qq bj pm uk pb oy gl cm mn aa lg dl bi eh yb bq ar ue jk wm de fk vm kq mf xy rk lk bt vy qj on be co ip if kl eo zs dh wl fl du iw ey mm fk kv by yp pd hq qs xi rl zl xn lj hi fq nc gg tc pl je cs ub ou yd pl il pw gb